Combinatorial Chemistry Review

Combinatorial Chemistry

Finding of novel drug is a complex process. Historically, the main source of biologically active compounds used in drug discovery programs has been natural products, isolated from plant, animal or fermentation sources.

Combinatorial chemistry is one of the important new methodologies developed by researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the time and costs associated with producing effective and competitive new drugs.

By accelerating the process of compounds synthesis, this method is having a profound effect on all branches of chemistry, but especially on drug discovery. Through the rapidly evolving technology of combi-chemistry, it is now possible to produce compound libraries to screen for novel bioactivities. This powerful new technology has begun to help pharmaceutical companies to find new drug candidates quickly, save significant money in preclinical development costs and ultimately change their fundamental approach to drug discovery.

This web site - an overview of combinatorial synthesis, including polymers and linkers for solid-phase synthesis, determination of product structure, solution-phase synthesis and applications of combichem.

The aim of this project is to provide a basic introduction to the field of combinatorial chemistry describing the development of major techniques and some applications.

Friendly website. CAS Numbers List - cas number lookup, physical properties and synthesis references.
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